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Hi, I’m Dr. Katja Rusanen, and my mission is to help spiritual entrepreneurs like you to embrace the purpose and power of your story.

Together, we’ll dive into the depths of your narrative, transcending limiting stories and unlocking your boundless potential as you awaken your success story. Experience the transformative magic of story work as we rewrite your story, turning challenges into catalysts for growth. Craft a captivating signature story that propels your soul-aligned business to unparalleled heights, leaving a profound impact on the world.

I believe that your story really matters! It’s time to be the star of your life and the hero of your story!

Attract Ideal Clients With
Your Unique Story

And create the impact and income you desire!

The truth is: Your life experience can be the very thing that helps someone.

Since you found your way to this site, it is likely that deep down you feel a calling to help others,
but you might have felt that the need to hide your own experience.
Yet it could easily be the answer you are looking for.

By sharing your personal story, you create a very special bond with your ideal clients. 

It helps you build the credibility, trust, and connection that make them want to work with you.

Which means it’s time you share your story. It’s time to help people to transform! 


You have a BIG story…

…but it feels way too vulnerable to share. Or you’re having fears around speaking in public.

You want to create your story FAST…

…but you it feels like a daunting task. so that you can attract more clients and you want my personal support.

You desire to awaken your SUCCESS story…

…but you feel stuck on how to accelerate your business growth and make a bigger impact in the world. .


“In working with Katja I felt encouraged to open up more. My perspective shifted as I discovered the alignment with my story. I know now what to share and with whom to share it.”

Wioleta Kapusta

Wioleta Kapusta

Founder of American Dream Live

“I appreciate that you brought in many well researched elements related to crafting a story worth telling and claiming the power of my own story and learning to deliver it in a powerful way that can create a heartfelt connection with the people I am best positioned to serve through the services that I provide and facilitate.”

Sylvain Mailhot

Sylvain Mailhot

Proctor Gallagher Consultant

“After working with Katja, we established my unique story that attracts and connects with my ideal clients, as well as concrete steps on how to use it in my marketing.

Tea Lehikoinen

Tea Lehikoinen

Emotion Coach for Children & Youth

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