your story Really Matters

My coaching packages and programs are designed to help spiritual entrepreneurs like you discover the purpose and power of your story, awakening your success story. I’m inviting you to embrace your unique, transformational life experiences and share them in a way that can bring a spark of hope to someone else, making a meaningful impact in the world.

Signature Story with AI

Type: 90-Minute Session

Who it’s for:

Established spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches and healers who need their signature story quickly.

What you’ll discover:

Craft a compelling and impactful signature story that effortlessly attracts your ideal audience to your offerings, with my expertise and cutting-edge AI technology combined. And the best part? You’ll enjoy an irresistible deal as this is a brand new service!

Throughout this unique experience, I’ll guide you in selecting the perfect story and utilize handpicked prompts to harness the magic of AI, creating your draft of a signature story in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry about being tech-savvy – I’ll handle all the AI magic for you!

By the end of our session, you’ll leave with a well-crafted draft of your signature story, ready for you to elevate and refine for your business, making a profound impact through the power of your storytelling. Don’t miss this golden opportunity – secure your spot now!

Awaken Your Success Story

Type: 6-months coaching package

Who it’s for:

Spiritual entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth and make a bigger impact in the world. 

What you’ll discover:

Start an awe-inspiring 6-month journey that ignites your path to success and propels you to thrive! Together, we’ll craft strategic aligned actions, conquer hidden blind spots, and reveal the purpose and power of your stories to attract more paying clients and create a profound positive impact that feels good in your Soul and bank account. You will…

  • Unleash Your Brilliance: Embrace personalized one-on-one guidance, invaluable feedback, and unwavering accountability.
  • Shatter Limiting Boundaries: Liberate yourself from energy blocks and visibility fears that shackle your true potential.
  • Illuminate Your Path: Gain crystal-clear clarity on your next steps, propelling your personal and professional growth with unstoppable momentum!

Story Block Breakthrough 

Type: 3-months package
Who it’s for: 

Spiritual entrepreneurs who gone through a life altering experience but it feels way too vulnerable to share. Or you’re having fears around speaking in public.

What you’ll discover: 

When you say YES to the Story Block Breakthrough, you’ll get my support during 3-months to overcome any fears, doubts, or limiting inner stories that could be keeping you from sharing your story, taking action in your business, and creating the impact and income you desire.

Client Attraction Story System

Type: Online Program

Who it’s for
Purpose-driven coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs who want to connect with their ideal clients, learn it on your own pace with this online program. 

What you’ll discover:

Client Attraction Story System is a step-by-step approach that turns your personal experiences into irresistible client-attracting narratives. You’ll learn:

– How to craft your unique story and  finally see it for the business asset it really is

– Own your unique experience and discover how it attracts awesome clients using my simple story-to-client framework

– Confidently share your story with the people who most need to hear it by sharing it on webinars, emails, podcasts, social media, and all other channels.

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