As we step into the second half of 2024, with Neptune retrograde just around the corner, it feels like a powerful time to reflect on our goals and aspirations.

Are you on track with your dreams? Are there areas where you feel held back?

The Neptune retrograde period invites us to consider the illusions that might be shaping our perceptions.

Lately, I’ve been called to pay attention to those feelings of separation that often arise from past traumas or challenges. These feelings can make us feel disconnected – from others, from the Divine or God, and even from our true selves.

This theme of separation can manifest as loneliness, unworthiness, and a sense of deep hopelessness. It convinces us we’re isolated from the Divine love that’s our birthright, preventing us from flourishing in our full potential.

Here are a few inspiring quotes from John-Roger that beautifully address this:

“As long as you create separation, you will be in separation, regardless of how close you are physically to your spiritual teacher or to your loved one. You can be in the same room and be separate if that is your consciousness. Or you can be a million miles apart and be entirely present, in oneness, if that is your consciousness. You create your own reality.”

“Have you ever noticed that you can be feeling really bad, unhappy, like no one cares about you, and then someone comes up to you and gives you a compliment or gives you a hug and says, “I sure do love you,” and all of a sudden, your unhappiness just vanishes? All of a sudden, people are good again and you feel good about yourself and everything seems to be just fine. What happened? Probably, you moved from separation to connection or to a feeling of oneness. That shift is powerful. It reflects a choice. At any moment, we can choose separation or we can choose connection. Later on I realized that as powerful as this choice is on the physical level, it is much more powerful on the spiritual level.”

“What are your reference points for choosing oneness when in the experience of separation? At a time when you overcame separation, what helped you reach out – to another, or inside yourself – for more oneness? What did you discover about yourself? Innocence is a quality of the Soul. There is an innocence in being available to Spirit because you suspend your doubt and skepticism and allow the marvelous ‘what if?’ to entice you into new experiences and discoveries. Children let their imaginations conjure up wonderful adventures and explorations. You can too, when you let yourself experience the freedom of innocence.”

I invite you to reflect on the above quotes and take a moment to explore your self-awareness. Recognize and acknowledge the patterns and beliefs that stem from feelings of separation and connection.

Remember, the journey to overcoming separation can be unique for everyone. Whether it’s through inner work, spiritual practices, or finding strength in a supportive community, there are many paths to reconnect with your true self, love, and the Divine or God.

I’m here to support you in your exploration. If you’d like resources for any of these areas, or simply want to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Remember, you are never truly alone on this journey.

Let’s use this time to embrace love, address feelings of separation, and reconnect with that loving essence that positions us to live our highest purpose.