Woo-hoo! Let’s celebrate!

Last month I completed my second year of Spiritual Science Doctorate studies. Before continuing and applying for the third year, I took a moment to celebrate this milestone.


Celebration is my new success habit that I have started to practice during the last years rather than moving on to the next big thing. And I enthusiastically share this practice with my coaching clients too.


Because I have noticed how celebrating milestones and completed action steps make my journey so much more joyful. 

Have you tried?

I highly recommend that you test this out if you haven’t yet. Regardless of the size of your accomplishment, take a moment to acknowledge it and celebrate it.

You can set an intention to celebrate and find a way that feels meaningful for you. Maybe you want to give yourself a treat, go out for a celebration lunch, do a victory dance, and so on… Find something that feels good for you.

I’d love to know how you’re celebrating. Comment below and let me know.