This message is a different kind as the times are different.

When I’m writing this, I have been witnessing the escalation of the conflict in Europe through the news. My heart hurts.

It’s challenging to find words to say right now but I decided to give it a go after my dear friend encouraged me to do so…

I have been going through a scale of emotions and maybe you have done that too…

As I am sensitive, I can feel the collective energy, and this has also brought things to the surface from my family lineage for healing. Whereas I have been able to live all my life during peace in my home country Finland, my late parents did not. They both experienced times of war. My dad was fighting in the last Finnish war and my mom’s family had to leave everything and flee under attack as so many have needed to do now.

Both of my parents always wished that peace would remain. And today I join them to wish for peace. 

I want to invite you to join me in whatever way resonates with you. Maybe you can make a wish or say a prayer… Or you can get support to find peace within by 
listening to my “Peace In Your Heart” prayer meditation… Or send Love & Light to those who need… Or do it your way… Every action counts!

Now it’s the time to share our gifts in the world! Now it is time to raise awareness, help others, or contribute something meaningful. Now it’s the time to come together as together we can make this world a better place! 

With Love & Light,