As I wrapped up our transformative experience at the Soulful on Social Summit, I’m taking a moment to reflect. (If you missed the summit, you can catch up on my YouTube channel)

The summit was a massive project that I felt called to do. I feel that it is time for us to succeed on purpose, and social media can be one avenue to spread our message.

When it comes to fulfilling your life’s purpose, alignment is everything. Your inner story—the narrative inside of you—needs to resonate with your outer story, the one you share with the world. When these two narratives are in harmony, you’re not just moving through life; you’re succeeding on purpose.

The summit may have ended, but the narrative of your life is far from complete. It’s a continuous saga, always ready for a new twist, a new challenge, a new triumph.

As many of the speakers shared, they have had their struggles and they found their way through, now they are inspiring others.

There’s an inherent power in sharing your story, especially when it comes from a place of wisdom and understanding, rather than an open wound. There is a healing journey to come to that place, to transform the pain into purpose.

We’ve all experienced setbacks, traumas, and life-altering events that have shaken our core. But remember, it’s not the event, but how we relate to it that defines us.

By sharing the lessons you’ve learned through your trials, you create an environment of hope and possibility. It’s not about dwelling on your struggles; it’s about highlighting the growth that comes after.

The act of sharing your story does more than just inspire others; it also liberates you. Breaking through the silence shatters the shackles of shame that may be holding you back. As you speak your truth, you claim your freedom.

Your past, with all its hardships and lessons, has prepared you for your future. Use it for you, not against you.

As we look forward to what comes next, it’s essential to be clear on your North Star, your life purpose. This is the guiding Light that will keep you on course through all the ups and downs, leading you to “succeed on purpose.”

When you align your actions with your purpose, the Universe conspires in your favor. Life no longer becomes a series of random events but a path you’ve chosen, leading you toward fulfilling your purpose.

Purpose isn’t just a woo-woo ideal; it’s a call to action. Each day offers a new opportunity to align your stories and your actions with your life purpose. As you do so, success isn’t just possible; it’s inevitable. It’s no longer about aimlessly wandering through life; it’s about purposeful living, about succeeding on purpose.

Your story can be your strength, your purpose your guide.

Keep going! It’s time to share, shine, and succeed!

Gift of grace