Ever been stuck with one person in a meeting room, an elevator, or even at a dinner table and could not find a connection?

Most of us have.

Next time, rather than feel the awkward moments slowly passing by, you can just tell a story. Test it out!

Because everybody loves a good story, and sharing it will open a gateway for easier communication.

We are used to thinking in stories, we remember stories more easily, and we turn just about everything we experience into a story. Hence it is important to observe what kind of stories you are telling and not telling.

Your stories have the power to build connections.

We have so many stories that we can share and we can choose the story that best serves the situation.

Yesterday I shared a funny story from my travels. Instead of buying souvenirs, I usually collect unique sayings or words from that country. For example, I have “jaa” from South Africa, “G’Day Mate” from Australia and “innit” from the UK… That story brought laughter to the conversation as I shared the souvenir from that country.

Let me know what is one of your favorite funny stories to share. I’d love to hear it.