September is here!

When I woke up this morning, I could feel the autumn. The temperature had dropped and I wondered where did the summer go…

Yet, I am choosing to look forward.

During the pandemic, I have noticed that it does take extra courage to stay optimistic and keep believing in my dreams. How are you coping with all that is happening?

People have such different reactions to the pandemic and the protective measurements that are put in place.

It has tested me and maybe it has tested you too.

It is easy to go into judgments.

If you find yourself there, you can apply compassionate self-forgiveness.

“I forgive myself for judging _________ as _____________.”

You can also check your attitude toward what is happening. That is often the first step if you’re seeking a change as my spiritual teacher John-Roger says:

“I would say that the value of suffering is in not doing what you did before, and I have seen over the years that once a person gets sick and tired of being tired and sick, they change, and a change of attitude is often the first step. You can use your pain and suffering to show you where you need to love and forgive more. Used like this, pain and suffering can be stepping-stones to your greater freedom.”

So let’s embrace ourselves with loving during these extraordinary times! 

Take care of you and keep courageously believing in your dreams!