If nothing held you back, what would you like to accomplish during the last quarter?

Vividly imagine yourself achieving your goals and dreams.

It is said that throughout this October, we are likely to experience increased calling to transform and make changes in our lives. This is a great time to overcome past patterns and inner stories that have held us back.

The Universe is making an open invitation for us to work on gaining awareness of what is holding us back from growing and succeeding on purpose. 

What I have realized through my journey is that our lives don’t function very well when they’re loaded with past hurts. 

We may attract people and situations that keep poking our wounds, or experience self-sabotaging patterns, sleep problems, depression, and lack of energy. 

That was certainly my case.

We’ve all experienced challenging moments at some point in our life.

Whereas it is natural and healthy to experience a spectrum of emotions, it can be unhealthy to let them drag you down for a long time. 

Over time, unresolved emotions like resentment, grief, anger, guilt, shame, and jealousy start affecting us.

If we keep carrying unresolved past hurts, they block us from experiencing the joys of life and our true potential. 

What I discovered on my journey is that there are essential keys to healing your wounds and overcoming your inner story. Last month I shared them in my Inner Story Breakthrough Workshop.

One of the keys is to acknowledge your emotions. 

Sometimes when you want nothing more than to leave past hurts behind, they keep coming back. 

Yet you still keep hoping that one day you can just forget what happened and have a fresh start. 

At least, that’s what I used to hope years ago. 

I was desperate to forget my past.

The worst part was that I kept going around in circles of hurt, grief, and self-blame. 

I wanted to sweep the emotional upset under a carpet and stomp over it. 

Unfortunately, that solution didn’t last long as the challenging emotions kept bouncing back like a beach ball. 

Just imagine for a moment that you’re standing in a swimming pool.

With one hand, you’re holding a beach ball underwater. This beach ball represents the emotions that you’ve been avoiding or repressing. 

What might your beach ball be made of?

As long as you can hold the ball underwater, it seems on the surface that life is good. 

But, you are using a lot of energy to keep that beach ball under water and your actions in the pool are very limited. 

And, as much as you would love to you simply can NOT hold the ball underwater forever. 

The harder you push it down, the more intensely it comes rocketing to the surface. 

When this happens, you can frantically try to shove the ball underwater again OR you can find ways to let the air out. 

The good news is that you have a choice. 

I want to share with you a quote from Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick. It was a real lightbulb moment for me when I heard it during my Master’s studies at the University of Santa Monica. They said:

“How you relate to the issue is the issue and how you relate to yourself while you’re going through the issue is the issue.”

This timeless wisdom has supported me on my path and I hope that is supports you too.

It’s time to shine and succeed on purpose!