Wow! This month, I’m celebrating my 10th entrepreneur anniversary!

The decade has surely been rich in learning… Because when I left my job as a supervisor in one of the world’s leading business banks, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I just followed the calling in my heart.

I remember thinking that things would take off within a year. I was full of excitement and a desire to serve.

Back then I kept studying marketing materials that were available for free. However, I didn’t attract any paying clients.

I felt desperate.

But I was too ashamed to admit that I didn’t have any clients and that I needed help. I ended up spending hours and hours in different training programs… But I still never really got the results I desired…

And, I’ll even admit that I felt jealous of reading others’ success stories. It seemed so easy for them, but everything was such hard work for me!

I started to wonder if there was something terribly wrong with me. And I kept trying even harder. I was attached to my computer during nearly all my waking hours but I remained stuck at a plateau.

It didn’t help that my family began asking me when I would start to look for a real job… I felt distraught. I had such a deep yearning to share my gifts with the world, and I felt that returning to 9 to 5 office work would just kill a part of me.

During this time, my negative self-talk was getting stronger and stronger. I kept questioning why I couldn’t make it work? I just saw the numbers going down in my bank account and my rational mind was pushing a panic button.

I felt frustrated with my shyness to promote my services… I was also blaming myself for wasting time in meditation and spiritual studies instead of pushing harder.

Whatever I did was not good enough for my inner critic. But the urge to make the impact I had envisioned and occasional clients kept me going.

However, things didn’t shift until I realized that I was not meant to do this on my own.

And as they say… when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I discovered wonderful teachers who helped me to accelerate my success on the goal line and the Soul line.

And this is possible for you too!

You can succeed when you’ve got the right support. When you’re not trying to push a square peg into a round hole. When you connect with people who get your transformational work and can help you stay aligned with what you are meant to do here.

It’s time to shine your Light, share your gifts, and succeed on purpose!


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