When I started writing this message for you, I felt called to pull Denise Linn’s Native Spirit card for inspiration for all of us. I received a “Thunder Drum” card. It has a powerful message that says: “Drawing this card means that it is time to step into your passion. Make a stand in life for what truly matters to you.”

Yet, sometimes making that stand can feel scary. I get that!

Last week I got an opportunity to do a teaching segment about being seen on social media in front of 70+ healers at an event and the fear was very present.

This fear might come from experiences from this life or even from past lives, which gave us the sense that it is not safe to make a stand or to be seen or be visible online – we might feel that we need to hide in order to survive in this world. The more subtle version can be wondering if we are good enough to talk about our topic, we might wrestle with self-doubt and procrastinate.

If you feel this fear, just know that you are not alone.

Many of us are struggling with those fears and I surely have felt it too… The fear can firmly hold us back or hinder our ability to show up, share our gifts, and make a meaningful impact.

But just because the fear is present now doesn’t mean it’s stopping you forever. 

I believe that awareness is the key to overcoming fears.

The first step would be to start to observe how this fear is playing in your life and business. 

This fear can sabotage your growth both on personal and business levels as it can stop you from living fully and it surely can then hinder your connection with your ideal clients. If you don’t share, people don’t know how you can help them. And that would be a pity as I know that you have so much to give and share.

Your work is valuable and you have more clients to serve so don’t let the fear stop you from making a meaningful impact
 in the world!

I’m curious… W
hat do you want to stand for? 

With Love & Light, 

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