This might surprise you, but…
I do not believe that fear of sharing your story is a reason for you to keep hiding and say no to your Soul’s calling to bring a spark of hope for others and create a meaningful impact.

If it’s a true calling, you know is meant for you to do, then you’ll start figuring out how to overcome your fear, not someday, now.
You might say, “But Katja, it’s easy for you as you don’t have my fear.”

I don’t have it.

I don’t know what you have been going through in this life and past lives that led you to have that fear.

But one thing I know. It’s possible. 

And sharing my story is so much easier for me now because I found a way to overcome that fear… It wasn’t always that way.

You see, once I was a shy little girl who stood in front of the class shaking. It was time for a school presentation that I had nightmares about for weeks. I felt how the blood rushed through my cheeks before I said a word. I could hear some chuckles as someone pointed out that my face was red as a fire truck. My heart was pounding like crazy. I stumbled over my words and wanted to cry. I started to believe that speaking wasn’t meant for me.

Then at the age of 16, I lost my boyfriend to suicide. My heart was shattered into thousands of pieces. The pain was so overwhelming that I curled inside me and even ceased talking for periods of time. And that silence almost killed me. 

Later I felt that my story was a deep dark secret that I needed to hide.
I was full of self-blame as I believed that I should have saved him. It was all my fault. If I had been more attentive, more attractive, more everything, he would have stayed. I simply wasn’t enough. 

For years I was desperate to forget my past.

It wasn’t until a palm reader asked me “why don’t you write?” fifteen years later that I began to express my story. I felt that he knew that I had a story to tell. Yet it was so scary. I had kept the pain locked inside me for so long.

When I started writing that night, things slowly started to take on a new light. 

And eventually, I found a way to overcome that fear and share my story. 
I chose to say yes to my calling help others.
I chose to say yes to take a small step forward. In my case, it was to start writing, and the first level of expression was just for myself. 
Now I have shared my story in various podcasts and articles and just submitted my first virtual keynote speech. 
I made a choice.
I chose to answer the calling to share my story so that I could help someone else who was going through something similar. I found the courage to talk about my life experiences and the lessons I learned more openly.

The answer is the same. I made a choice.

Start seeking the courage and support that you need so that you can share your story.
 Stop saying to yourself “I can’t”.
If you want to keep hiding your greatest asset, that is your choice. 
But, don’t tell me about how you’re tired of being invisible and not connecting with your ideal clients and then turn around and hide.

Use your imagination for your benefit. Imagine yourself sharing your story. 
Observe your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 
Even imagining it can feel hard, impossible, scary, overwhelming… 
I get it. That’s why so many people choose to keep hiding.

You must choose to find a way through the fear and darkness, and take action knowing that you can turn your wounds into wisdom and transform lives through the power of your story.
I wasn’t comfortable sharing my story when I got started, I’m just one who made a choice.

And kept on making choices that supported me until I was able to share my story. 

Slowly I started to see that life didn’t happen to me, it happened for me. I was able to see the silver lining and that brought gratitude into my heart. That is when the reason why I wanted to share my story became stronger than my fear.
If you want to make a meaningful impact, set an intention for yourself to share your story.
And once you do that, you are making a meaningful impact
And get ready for connecting with those whose lives you are meant to touch.
It’s time to share your story, and succeed on purpose. 

With Love & Light,