If someone asked you to share your life’s journey, what moments would you share?

Most likely, you’d choose to tell some high points as well as some low points as they are the easiest to remember.

Recently, I was asked to list those moments during a mastermind call. It was a walk on a memory lane starting from those earliest memories and coming to the present moment.

This exercise was a powerful one! I recommend that you do it too. When you write down those moments, you can also think what did you learn through that experience.

You might discover that some of the memories feel joyful, some might feel neutral and some might still feel vulnerable. If you find the latter, those moments might feel unresolved on some level and have an energetic charge. Often it can be linked to self-judgments that we may carry, we might have given a meaning and defined ourselves certain way. 

“Because that happened, I am…”

This was a game that I played for years. I told to myself that because my boyfriend died by suicide, I am guilty as I couldn’t save him, I am not enough, I am unlovable, and so on… It was a long journey to overcome shame, guilt, and self-hatred, but I did find my way through. I learned to love myself again and discovered the joy of living that I did not think was possible for me but it was and it is possible for you too.

“Healing is the application of Loving to the places inside that hurt.”
– H. Ronald Hulnick and Mary R. Hulnick

What if you could come up with new meanings that support you? Try it out!  “Because that happened, I am…” Resilient… Compassionate… Loving… What word would you choose?