Have you ever just known that something is meant for you?

As I prepare for my Doctorate of Spiritual Science graduation ceremony, I wanted to find a perfect dress (even though I will be wearing my academic gown most of the time) to celebrate the culmination of years of studies. 

And then, it happened…

I laid eyes on a dress that had my name written all over it.

There was an instant connection, a deep resonance that swept over me as I envisioned myself wearing that dress on my special day. 

I knew I had found my dress. 

But my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I discovered that the dress was not available in my size. I tried to squeeze in a size smaller but that was a no-go. 

The sales clerk informed me that they had sold out and didn’t expect to receive more. It was a blow, and I felt a sense of longing for something that seemed just out of reach.

Yet, my intuition whispered softly within me, urging me not to give up. It reminded me that sometimes dreams come true against all odds. 

So, with a glimmer of hope in my heart, I turned to the vast realm of the internet in search of the dress. To my dismay, the online inventory showed that my size was also sold out in all possible online stores that I could find. The odds felt stacked against me, but my intuition urged me to hold on, to keep believing.

Days turned into weeks, and still, I couldn’t let go of the vision of myself in that dress. 

Every now and then, I found myself checking online, hoping for a miracle. Yet, each time, disappointment greeted me as I read the words “sold out” next to my desired size.

As my graduation day is getting closer, I decided to settle for another dress, but I knew that this new dress was the second-best. It was definitely not the one.

And then, I checked one more time… 

Just when I least expected it, a glimmer of hope appeared. There it was, on the screen before me—the dress that had captured my heart was suddenly available in my size. 

My heart skipped a beat as I hastily reserved it at the store. It felt like a miracle, an answer to the silent prayers that I had whispered into the universe.

I received a confirmation, a confirmation that the dress I had yearned for was indeed available. 

I rushed to the store and when I slipped on the dress, it was simply perfect.

It was a moment of overwhelming joy and gratitude. Against all odds, someone in the company had decided to create more of those dresses, making my dream a reality. The universe had conspired to bring me what I had envisioned, and it felt like magic.

Never have I ever felt so grateful to buy a dress.

This experience served as a powerful reminder of the importance of trusting my intuition and holding steadfast to my dreams. It taught me to never underestimate the power of belief and perseverance. 

Life has a way of working things out, aligning the stars, and bringing forth the very things we hold dear in our hearts. 

So, I encourage you to listen to that quiet voice within. Trust your intuition and hold onto your dreams, even when they seem out of reach. 

Embrace the journey, knowing that sometimes the impossible becomes possible, and miracles do happen. 

Believe, hope, and walk the path that feels right to you, for you are the weaver of your own destiny.

When we trust our intuition and follow our dreams, we open ourselves to the miracles that await us. And in those moments, when dreams and miracles align, we discover the true magic of life.